Sustainability commitment




We believe it is possible to provide high quality garments that are stylish and wearable, whilst also developing better activities for a modern and sustainable world.  As a business we are aware we cannot make these changes on our own, however at every step of our development we continue to adapt and achieve responsible practices that contribute to a more conscious global future.





We work closely with our suppliers to source the highest grade of materials.   All our cotton is Australian Certified Organic, which means it is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers.  This not only removes the chemicals present in our clothing, it also indirectly affects the surrounding ecological systems by harvesting healthier soils for crops, cleaner waterways and local living conditions.

We work with manufactures and suppliers that adopt clean and transparent working conditions. Our textile manufactures recycle 85% of water left over from exhausted dye baths.  This waste is redistributed to local households, parklands and agriculture.

We design clothing for wear and living.  Made with high quality manufacturing methods and materials we hope that the life cycle of each SWETE piece is extended and does not end up as landfill deposit.

Currently we manufacture all of our products in Australia within a 40km radius of the Melbourne CBD.  This includes textile, print and garment production. As we develop our position in the Northern Hemisphere, we are currently sourcing local suppliers and manufactures who support our brand values.



We support and work together with our suppliers to achieve practical and considered manufacturing standards.  We pay our suppliers a fair wage as we appreciate the role they play in our business.  Choosing to work with the local industry, we can be assured that our production exchange is injected back into the local economy and surrounding communities.



We create our designs through a non-hierarchical process of development.  We construct patterns on the body and respond through fit and feel, before visual aesthetic.  Trans-seasonal collections start with topical discussion as a framework for creating an independent and nonconformed collection of garments. 



We think it is important to have conversations.  To discuss topics that are real, challenging and may not be socially accepted.   If we want to grow as human beings and as a global community, we need to have mature conversations about what is working and what is not working; so that we can all adapt, learn and develop new ideas to live a better future.